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What You Should Know before buying Forex Income Boss

Russ Horn is a well know Forex trader and teacher with more then 5 profitable systems, but you should know something else as well.

For this let’s check what he offers to traders with his new system called Forex Income Boss.

There are live statements and proof of his system as it works in real time, and in real Forex market situations. There is also a small webinar of his Free away system called SRT Profit.

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Now – the thing you should know before you will buy his system is that you have to check for yourself if Russ is a good teacher to you or not. This is Very important, because you have to be on the same page and trust what he is teaching you. If you do not believe what he says and what he shows you then there is no way to let him teach you. You will loose money and time at this, and this is bad for any trader, time is the most valuable asset everybody.


All you have to do before you will buy his system is go ahead and check his FREE system called SRT System or any other and see if you understand what he says and what he does. If you can replicate the same then you are ready for his new system called Forex Income Boss, if not then there is no reason for you to buy it.

Click Here to Download Russ Horn’s Trading System for FREE


Why? the answer is very simple – if his demo did not impress you then his real stuff will as well. If you are ready to loose time then go ahead – if not then just avoid it.

So, once again – check it – try it, if you like it then go ahead, if not just leave it. And remember – the loosing trade you did not enter is also a winner !!!

Real Results of Forex Income Boss from Russ Horn

Recently I saw a nice little system called Rejection Spike, the name is interesting so I gave it a try on a demo account to see what we have there. From my experience I know that rejection is working really nice in trading, especially if it has a confirmation.

Click Here to Download Russ Horns’s Secret Trading System for FREE


Now this trader called Russ Horn comes with a system as well called Forex Income Boss which I think should be a real deal. All this because his Free system SPIKE is very effective. Tried only to imagine the results from his real system and his teaching.

In order to not just tell you some words I will share with you his strategy and you can see for yourself how easy it is


and also the rules which are very easy to remember

1. Price has to form a level of resistance.
2. Price has to cross above the level of resistance (without closing
above it).
3. Price has to pull back below the level of resistance and close below

4. Enter a short position on the close of that candle.
5. Place the Stop Loss few pips above the spike of the candle.
6. Place the Take Profit same distance away from the entry (1:1).
Alternatively, you can use the 2:1 reward to risk ratio.
7.Manage your trade by choosing one of the options.

Click Here to Download Russ Horns’s Secret Trading System for FREE


and some

1.Trail your stop loss. With Stop Loss Trailing, your Stop Loss level will
automatically update as the price moves.
2. Move to Break Even. Once the price has reached 50% of the target

distance, move your stop loss to break even